From wheat to pasta

The high quality durum wheat used to produce Masseria Canestrello pasta has a high protein value. Cultivated according to the natural cycles and properties of the soil, its quality is guaranteed by the alternation of crops with legumes that naturally favor the retention of nitrogen in the soil.

After harvesting, our wheat is analyzed by an Accredia accredited laboratory which certifies it as free from traces of glyphosate, pesticides and mycotoxins.

Our semolina is ground with delicacy, preserving inside precious nutritional elements of the wheat germ: proteins, enzymes, vitamins of group B, E and D, Omega 3 and Omega 6, mineral salts, phytoactive substances (flavonoids, phytosterols).

How our wheat becomes pasta

Antonio Caccese supervising the spaghetti production line

IProcessed by a mill that works exclusively with quality grains grown in Italy, our durum wheat semolina is gently ground, preserving the precious nutritional elements of the wheat germ. Immediately after milling we entrust our durum wheat semolina to the talent of the master pasta maker Antonio Caccese who, with meticulous and slow craftsmanship, interprets the best quality and purity of our wheat and protects its organoleptic characteristics, transforming it into a high quality product that is rough, digestible, rich in nutrition, always ‘al dente’.


Durum wheat semolina, water.